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About Us

This project’s main objective is to facilitate and educate the community to implement large-scale retrofits for solar, wind and watershed technologies in the Santa Clarita Valley to support future marketability of property in the area. New developments built from the 'ground-up' will benefit more from the 'sky down' and may include eco-amenities for Sun, Wind and Water usefulness. Let's work together now ahead of any eco-retrofit standards on existing communities HOAs, Utilities,Businesses, Programs,Incentives, and You!


Santa Clarita Valley Starting with One Solar Panel

On November 18, 2008, a letter was sent to several Santa Clarita Valley Homeowners Associations, Community leaders, Local, Regional and National Business leaders and other Project oriented team members to involve their Homeowners and Homeowner’s Associations to take the steps necessary to implement projects involving renewable energy sources. This initial letter included a recommendation to consider to install one solar panel on an HOA's community building within the coverage area of the association.
See Initial Letter Here

With the recent trend of incentives and tax benefits for implementing solar by businesses as well as homeowners, we believe that this effort will more than pay for itself with energy savings as well as make this community more desirable in the future. Rising fees for energy to maintain sprinklers, security lighting, air conditioning and heat of the facilities are of the utmost importance and this will allow our community to do something about it.

One December 17, 2008 a letter to the Editor appeared in The Signal. A call to action for Homeowner Association funds to be used to enhance our community while lowering costs to association members today and into future years. By our actions we can demonstrate our commitment and set a great example to our members and community. Our community as a whole can express their participation in this beneficial effort. 

See Letter to the Editor

Team, we welcome your participation and will keep you posted as progress develops!

Santa Clarita Valley Off the Grid

Making Existing Property Competitive today and in the future


Interested to upgrading your home, your neighborhood to Solar or learn more about Energy Efficiency in Santa Clarita Valley?  Contact us now to get started and join a project in your neighborhood.