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Santa Clarita Valley Off the Grid

Making Existing Property Competitive today and in the future


Existing Homes retro-fitted with energy efficient amenities!


Interested to upgrading your home, your neighborhood to Solar or learn more about Energy Efficiency in Santa Clarita Valley?  Contact us now to get started and join a project in your neighborhood.


Educate, Empower, Connect  

Together.  It is Possible.

This project’s main objective is to facilitate and educate the community to implement large-scale retrofits for solar, wind and drought-resistant landscaping in the Santa Clarita Valley to support future marketability of property in the area. New developments built from the 'ground-up' will benefit more from the 'sky down' and may include eco-amenities for Sun, Wind and Water usefulness.

Let's work together now on making  existing communities Environmentally Aware in  the Santa Clarita Valley! Homeowners, Utilities, Businesses, Programs, Incentives, and You!


ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!!  Conservation conjures up  feelings and actions of doing without. ..NOT!

Energy Efficiency can be appealing, helpful and fun!  Attend these seminars and link to these local resources doing their part to empower you with knowledge and choices to enhance your daily life, neighborhood and the world around you!

Event Calendar, Seminars, etc

Mindful Usefulness (conserve—yet, live!)

Now becoming one of the most main stream of home improvement and energy-efficient  activities.  Not surprising with skyrocketing energy costs and lower priced/more competitive choices for solar systems—the time is NOW!  And if your participation in this project can help the community to purchase in bulk, prices might be even more attractive!  Contact us today!

Solar Energy

Replace your Lawn!  Are you Wasting Water?

Do you have Run-off? HOA beautification standards:  With the correct plants and watering schedule/technology beauty and efficiency is within our reach.  Learn more about Watershed Technologies and what you can do and what local resources are providing this much needed support.

Landscaping Design, Replacing Lawns, Planting

We are working with vendors and local financing package options to implement these large-scale projects of multi-home upgrades for the benefit the community as a whole.


Financing and Incentives